Burçak Plastic founded by our father Abdülkadir

Karaahmetoğlu in 1980 and exists as a family

company since 1984 till today. Burçak Plastic is

experienced over 30 years in the sectorand aims

“maximum quality, minimum price”. Priority mission

of the firm is customer satisfaction before and after

the sales. Burçak Plastic,has taken the place in hanger,

hanger accessoriesand industrial cleaning equipment

sector. The company which has expanded it’s production,

marketing and sales, entered the industrial cleaning

equipment sector with “FRL Freeline” brand. With its

10000 per square meter closed Burçak Plastik AŞ is an expert at it’s business and space operating facility with the help of its experienced staff it provides its own structure through the injection mould manufacturing. Thanks to the advanced machinery it produces hanger, hanger accessories and industrial cleaning equipment to internal market and leading textile export companies. Our company had always had a quality principle and our industrial cleaning equipment products are offered for use for hotels, motels, office buildings, plazas, hospitals, social facilities, airports, restaurants, factories and homes with its renewed vision.